Ron & JoAnne Gross

Western Hats and Helmets

No cowboy or cowgirl ever wants to get caught without a hat. If it's time for a new hat or time for your first, you'll find the best hats at Little B Barn


Boots, Boots, and More Boots

Your boots have to be comfortable, strong, and stylish all at the same time. You'll never be disappointed by our selection of boots at Little B Barn.

Time to Saddle Up!

Need a new saddle? Come to Little B Barn and take a "test ride" in one of our saddle. If it's not exactly what you need, just bring it back. No charge


Everything you need for the horse and rider in the family

The great thing about having a rider in the family is you'll never run out of gift ideas. There is always something a rider needs, and there is a great selection of everything right here at Little B Barn, serving the eastern Connecticut area.