Mike Robidoux – Harvard Risk Management Corp

Did You Know that…. Harvard Risk Management Corp  can help protect you from identity theft?  Your children are as much at risk of identity theft as you are. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. It recently beat out drug trafficking! 

Did You Know that….80 Percent of the people in the United States do NOT have a will? Prince and Aretha Franklin didn’t! Don’t let your estate get tied up in court, or with family, for any longer than it needs to…Give  Mike Robidoux and Harvard Risk Management Corp  the opportunity to help you get a will in place to protect your assets and family.

Did You Know that….  Mike Robidoux  is a local Cub Scout Pack leader? He and his wife are parents of two active young boys in the East Haddam School System. 

Mike Robidoux  is ready to help protect your family, finances and future! Harvard Risk Management Corp  services can protect your family from the devastating effects of identity theft and can provide you with affordable access to the legal system. Contact Mike to access free identity theft workshops for individuals and small businesses!

Phone: 860-834-1576

FB Page:https://www.facebook.com/MRHRMC/

Website: mrobidoux.wearelegalshield.com